Our irregular flagstone is great for your patio, walkways, or for stepping stones. We have 2 different options available; chocolate grey flagstone or crab orchard flagstone.


Chocolate Grey Flagstone

Crab Orchard Flagstone

Natural Stone Edging

Natural Stone Edging

Stopped by this business today for the first time and bought some rocks for drainage. I spoke to the 3 people who were as nice as they could be and I asked some questions about the business because I was genuinely interested. This is a family run business (3 years old) and I was speaking with the son (owner), his mother, and a young lady. The owner calculated exactly the amount of rock I needed and dropped it in my trailer. They have plenty of rocks, mulch, straw, and other landscape and hardscape products. Next time I need some materials I will be going here for sure.

– Eddie Clifton

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Decorative Mulch

Decorative mulch can be great for flowerbeds and looks great both in residential and commercial settings. Our mulch is of the highest quality!

Decorative Stone

We have a large variety of decorative stone, whether you need it for landscaping, for your lawn, or for commercial use for your business.


Soil can come in many shapes and forms, but we have the highest quality soil and topsoil in the Pittsboro area!


We have many options of aggregates for you to choose from. These can be used for driveways, walkways, paver installations, and more.


We have a couple options of sand for you to choose from!


Our irregular flagstone is great for patio, walkways, or stepping stones.

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